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Can a Dog Get Pregnant When Not In Heat?

The little pups might look cute but only to some. It may not be a dream of every female dog owner. Are you some of those who don’t want this and looking for can a dog get pregnant when not in heat? Whatever is the reason? If you land up there, you will get the answer straight away.

What is “in heat” Actually Means:

Before digging into your main concern, can a dog get pregnant when not in heat? Let’s have a quick overview of what’s the term “in heat” actually means.

So, “in heat” is a term used to describe a female dog’s reproductive cycle. During this cycle, a female dog’s body releases hormones that attract a male toward him. It means your furry female is more likely to get pregnant. Furthermore, “in heat,” also known as estrus, typically stays for three weeks. That’s why you must be careful during this period if you are some people who don’t want to have their dog get pregnant.

Can a Dog Get Pregnant When Not in Heat?

Well, technically, it’s impossible. Your dog can’t get pregnant when not in heat. Whether you consider it’s too early for your dog to get pregnant or don’t want to have the little pups in your home. You don’t have to worry anymore because your dog can’t get pregnant when he is not in heat.

A female dog has four stages in their reproductive cycle. So, dogs have different ages to get mature and be capable of getting pregnant. That’s why their reproduction cycle ranges from smaller to larger breeds. It means your dog can’t get pregnant when not in heat, but most dog owners confuse about when they would be able to get pregnant. They find it difficult to recognize the fertility cycle of their dog.

So, how would you tell somebody that your dog is in heat?

How to Tell if a Dog is in Heat?

Approximately a female dog can get heat around twice a year. Once they get the heat, the chances of getting pregnant get an increase because the pregnancy happens during the heat cycle that could last around 3 weeks.

So, here we will explore how to tell if a dog is in heat. Let’s get into it.

Signs your dog was in the heat:

  • You will notice a discharge from your dog’s vagina. The discharge could be in the form of red blood or slightly pinkish. However, remember all dogs cannot have this bleeding. That’s why you must keep an eye on someone around 6 months of age.
  • If you noticed that your dog got lots of attention from male dogs, chances are your female dog is in heat. It’s just like a smell that male dogs can feel. So, whether you are on a walk with your female furry friend or not, the male dog can feel that she is in heat. So, the chances of pregnancy get increase.
  • More often, when a dog is in heat, she will change her behavior towards male dogs. More likely, she would initiate the sex and encourage other dogs to hump her willingly.
  • Moreover, her raised, or flagging tail is also a sign that your dog is in heat.
  • Urinate period of your female dog will increase and she will urinate more than often. More specifically, she can lift or raise her leg during the urine.


When can a dog get pregnant during the heat?

Well, when a dog can get pregnant during heat completely depend on the breed type. But, on average, a female dog will get pregnant and be able to conceive around 7 to 9 days of the heating cycle.

Can a dog get pregnant when she stops bleeding?

The chances are rare that your female dog will get pregnant when she stops bleeding, but it is still possible during the estrus period.

Can ad dog get pregnant and in heat at the same time?

Yes, it’s possible, but not recommended. Your pup is carrying her litter, and giving him heat at the same time can create later pregnancy or delivery complications. More often, your dog will also avoid or may not enter heat until he gets the birth.

The Bottom Line:

So, if you are looking to answer, a dog can get pregnant when not in the heat for breeding. You should take this decision after talking to your VET. A veterinarian could suggest you the best solution for what you should do. After all, your dog’s health is your priority, and you would never wish to compromise. That’s why you must consult your VET to ensure that your female dog gets a successful and healthy estrus.

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