Can Dog Eat Raw Chicken?

Almost all the dogs love chicken sometimes they are too obsessed with the chicken that they can also eat raw chicken. BUT wait! Can dogs eat raw chicken? Probably this question is really common now. Definitely, you have this question in mind that’s why you are here.

DO you do research for everything you gave to your furry friend? Well, if yes! it proves you as a responsible pet parent. we care about all the questions of pet parents. if you want to know more about the feeding guide you can read this here is the complete guide to dogs’ food. So let’s straight dive into your query can eat dog raw chicken?

Can dog eat raw chicken?

Maybe YES! But it’s a little bit risky because there are many bacterias in raw chicken. Just like salmonella or other bacterial contamination could be harmful to your dog’s health.

cooked chicken is much better than raw chicken. So your first priority should be giving a well-cooked chicken to your canine and while cooking please avoid seasoning.

It does not mean that dogs can’t eat raw chicken it could be a part of their healthy diet. But make sure the chicken should be fresh and if you have just purchased, it for your dog then it could be best.

Yeah I know you are not much clear about feeding raw chicken and you might have many queries in your mind.

Can I feed my dog raw meat?

As we discussed earlier you can feed raw chicken to your dog but cooked meat should be your preference.

the amount of raw chicken should not be exceeded by 10% of your dog’s food. It’s ideal to consult your VET to know the best answer for your dog.

Avoid feeding raw chicken to your dog. there are many bacterias in raw chicken and also have some cleanliness issues that can lead to various infections. raw chicken is always discouraged.

Have you got the appropriate information? And ready to take your decision But the information does not end yet. there is much more that you need to know so just read on for your dog’s health concern before taking any decision.

My dog ate raw chicken? what to do now

There are no worries at all if your dog had eaten raw chicken but you should notice her activity if the dog has caused any allergic reaction or not. Take care If your dog is salivating, coughing, or had eaten bone part mistakenly. you should consult your VET immediately

sudden introduction of a new food could be harmful and can cause choking hazards. it is always recommended to introduce a new food to a dog’s diet slowly not suddenly.

Risks of feeding raw chicken to your dog

Well after reading the above part you might be curious about risks. So here is the first comes first what are the risks of feeding raw chicken to your dog? The most common two risks of feeding chicken to the dog are Salmonella and AMP. so what are they and how does it mean let’s discuss them briefly.


The most common risk of feeding raw chicken to a dog is a risk of salmonella. It’s kind of an infection that causes by bacteria that are in the raw chicken. This infection even could be harmful to your and your pet’s health.

If you want to give the raw chicken to your dog you should be very careful about the cleanliness. You should clean your dog’s food bowl, utensils, and dishes on a priority basis. You should completely avoid if there are any pregnant women, old persons or even if children are there in your home with your furry friend.


If your dog had eaten raw chicken and you had noticed any of these signs so consult your VET as soon as possible.

  • Choking
  • Coughing
  • Difficult breath
  • Fever 
  • Swollen belly
  • Diarrhea or vomit (under 40 hours or less)
  • Abdominal pain (in severe cases)

There is always an antibiotic treatment for salmonella. This infection is too small that you can’t even see that without a microscope. Even though we can say that this infection is the main risk of raw chicken so you should avoid it as much as you can for your and your leg friend’s health


Feeding raw chicken could cause poly radiculitis which is also known as APN. there is a clear link between feeding undercooked chicken products and developing this shitty condition called poly radicular neuritis that causes paralysis in dogs.

APM is that a lot of the time dogs will recover but unfortunately it does take about 6 months so it’s not really sure that’s actually a good thing about APN but at least most of them don’t die.

so what do I personally I’m pretty hesitant now about recommending feeding raw chicken products? Especially to dog owners my best advice is to avoid anything undercooked or uncooked for your dog’s health. for a further guide to risks of raw chicken feeding you can read this.

Benefits of raw chicken

By knowing all that risks you might be wondering about the benefits of raw chicken. So don’t worry we are going to tell you some of the benefits of raw chicken.

  • Most importantly raw chicken includes a lot of proteins or even we can say that there is 80% of protein exists only in raw chicken
  • Raw chicken is even a great source of vitamin 12, magnesium, and phosphorus.

NOTE; there are some risks of feeding raw chicken bit It does not necessarily mean that raw chicken is not good for your pet’s health. It totally depends on your dog’s health, size, and how much he takes raw chicken as a part of their diet.

Can a dog eat raw chicken – A vet’s opinion

If you had consulted a vet to answer the question that whether your dog should eat raw chicken or not. 

so The very first question of your VET would be about what is your pet age? What is his size? Is he allergic to any kind of other food? Because raw chicken is itself among one of the allergic foods like beef, wheat, egg, chicken or lamb, etc

If you are a pet lover so it is good to ask which food you should give to your pet? And for this, your VET can guide you the best. 

Should you give the raw chicken to your dog

So now the question is should I give the raw chicken to my dog or not?. many of the Veterinarians preferred not to give raw chicken.

it is not necessarily mean that you should completely avoid It. you can give raw chicken but in a very small amount. just because it has a lot of nutritional benefits in raw chicken.

You can feed raw chicken to your dog but with some precautions, like it should be organic and fresh, it should be freshly purchased. But if it is not fresh it should be properly stored but not at room temperature.

While giving cooked chicken please avoid seasoning and it should be boneless. while you are giving raw chicken to your canine, monitor them carefully and if you discover some signs of distress then you should consult VET.


So let’s wrap up with this little tip “chicken necks and chicken wings are recommended. helpful in preventing dental disease, particularly for smaller dogs and in a really long time”

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