Do Aussiedoodle Have Tails? (An Ultimate Guide)

Let’s say you are about to get an Aussiedoodle or want to get some information. Lots of questions will be in your mind. Among all the most important might be Do aussiedoodle have tails?

Well, you are not the only one, most beginners have this question. You don’t need to mix it up because sometimes the aussiedoodle will have a longer tail or sometimes shorter, which could be mixed with no tail.

Aussiessdoodle is a mix between an Australian shepherd and a poodle. And for sure, if they get mixed with a longer tail breed, they will get a longer tail or otherwise, if breaded with a shorter tail dog will result in shorter.

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Do Aussiedoodles Have Tails?

Yes, they do have it like any other dog breed. What could confuse you is that sometimes they have a shorter tail and sometimes long.

And, of course, tails are essential because they also act as a source of communication between you and a dog. With that, you can quickly understand their feelings, emotions, and intent from how they move it, whether the tail is wagged left or right etc.

Well, if it’s too essential, why do people get docked?

Wait! We will answer; keep reading.

Why do Some Aussiedoodles Have Tails and Others Don’t?

To get answered, you need to understand the 3 possible situations; either

  1. they are born with short tails – which will remain the same; nobody has done something with them
  2. Or the breeder just docked the tail – just after his birth
  3. With that, they will generally get a shorter tail because of their mix (Australian shepherd and poodle).

So, the answer is simple; it depends on the breeder whether they will get a tail or not.

No, need to get confused because both are possible.


Why are Aussiedoodle Tails Docked?

The main idea behind breeding was to get a canine with a shorter tail that could help people, especially farmers. To meet this need, breeders started docking because there is no physical or psychological disadvantage. Breeders have been doing it for years, mostly done when they get 3 days old.

This isn’t it; you need to know more about it as there are other reasons for doing it. Let’s find out together.

  1. To meet the breed standards – Yep, you heard it right. All breeds have specific criteria set by AKC that need to be fulfilled to get a perfect breed look. And the Asusiessdoodle has to meet it too, which can be confirmed with a docked or short tail only.
  2. Might get injured – An aussiedoodle is a working dog, and in the United States, you have lots of tall grasses where his seat can quickly get stuck somewhere and damage him badly. It could cause tearing or bleeding, which is not only painful but also hard to cure.  
  • Part of tradition – might seem silly to you, but it indeed becomes a part of the tradition now, and many of us assume it before getting that there will be no tail of it.


Is tail docking painful to dogs?

Of course, it is!

As described earlier, they will get it in 3 days; that’s why some believe that docking doesn’t hurt them at this early age, but some experts disagree with it.

But, one thing is for sure: docking (cut off) hurts the dogs.

Should you get an Aussiedoodle with a tail?

Well, it entirely depends on whether you want to get a tail or not, where you already have a right to agree or disagree with the idea of docking but keep in mind that grooming of a long tail Aussiesdoodle might be critical.

Why don’t Aussiedoodle have tails?

Since we are talking about how Aussiepoodle gets the shorter tail from its genetics, you might wonder why an Australian shepherd doesn’t have tails.

The answer is simple: the Australian shepherd was mainly used by the farmers where the tail gets injured easily, which they don’t want to have. That’s why they started breeding Aussiedoodle so they won’t get damaged easily.

That was the time when docking started.

What other breeds don’t have tails?

You will be glad to hear that not only this but some other breeds also have a lack of tail, an essential factor that needs to be addressed before getting any of them.

So, here are some examples of breeds that don’t have tails, and the reasons could be either docking or they naturally have short seats.

  • Bulldog – English and French (both)
  • Australian Shepherd
  • Poodle
  • etc

How to get a long-tail Aussiedoodle?

Of course, you can have it, and for it, you can connect with your dog breeder and ask him if you don’t want to get your Aussie poodle tail docked.

That’s it!

Good to know: in some countries, dog docking is illegal. You can check it out quickly and decide wisely whether you should get it or not to make a well-informed choice.

Do mini Aussie doodles have tails?

Yes, most mini businesses have tails; some are born with a long tail, some short and some with mid-length. That’s why you don’t need to get confused between them.

But, those were the breeders who took the historical decision to dock and now most of them are with short or no tails.

Final Verdict – Do Aussiedoodle Have Tails:

Wrapping up the discussion with a note that we had stated all the possible scenarios out there so you can make a well-informed decision.

But if there is any other thing left unanswered, or you have any concerns, you may write in the comment section; we would love to be there.

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