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Dog Breeding Pros and Cons

There might be several reasons you want to breed. Whether you are interested in fostering a new designer dog or do this because you have lost your furry friend, and now you’re missing a lot that you want to get the same.

Whatever the reason, having the motivation to do it would not be enough. Where professionalism and responsibility are also compulsory. Before entering into it, you must consider some pros and cons of dog breeding.

Well, it’s a controversial topic that can’t be answered in a nutshell. So, let’s find out together.

What is Dog Breeding?

Before jumping in, let us make it clear to you what dog breeding is.

  • It is a process through which two breeds are mixed to make a new one.

For example, a new breed known as Goldendoodle will be discovered if a Golden retriever gets mixed with a Poodle.

Yes, simple is that. Now, it would be much clearer to understand how crossbreeding works and what its pros and cons could be.

Dog breeding pros and cons:

Ethical breeding starts with breeding knowledge; professional breeders spend most of their time learning dog training, health problems, and other breeds.

But knowing is not enough; you need to take some responsible steps and among them, getting knowledge of all the dog breeding pros and cons is the first step you need to consider.

Dog Breeding Pros and Cons

Pros of Crossbreeding:

So, caring pet parents, without further ado, let’s jump into it.

1- Advancement:

The number one benefit of dog breeding is; a perfect way to make advancements and to get a new designer dog. People have been doing this over the years, and there is no harm in doing it.

As it’s a perfect way to make advancements in breeds and you will also be amazed to see how adorable breeds you can create with crossbreeding. And undoubtedly, just because of non-shedding and hypoallergenic fur, the designer dog is a fantastic addition to your dog family, and for sure, who doesn’t want to have it?

2- Make an earning:

Another significant benefit of crossbreeding is that you can make a handsome amount of money.

Some people offer services, but it doesn’t mean you can make enough money to make a living from it because, with that service cost, you also have to fulfil the VET expenses, associate checkups, vaccines, etc.

Some people specifically do dog breeding and then sell them when they grow up, which is a much better and less risky way to make money; the choice is yours.

3-Unique looks:

Last but not the minor advantage of crossbreeding is that you can get a canine with unique looks because certain conditions in dog breeding would result in a special breed.

Imagine if you mix two different breeds where you’re not sure exactly how he would turn up. Of course, it’s pretty exciting to wait for it, and at the same time, you will be surprised to know his looks.

So, having an advantage of unique looks, which he will get from his genetics, is considerable.

Dog breeding pros and cons

Cons of Crossbredding:

Whether there are certain benefits, you can ignore the cons of doing it. So, get ready to jump in towards the cons.

1- Genetic Knowledge:

Without in-depth knowledge of dog genetics, you can’t enter into it, meaning dog breeding is not everyone’s cup of tea.

So, entering blindly into crossbreeding without in-depth knowledge is a disadvantage 

because the next generation’s health depends on breeding. A beginner who wants to do this at first must be a con, but it’s not. After all, it’s the question of a better life.

2- Time Consuming:

Of course, it’s a time taking process because professional breeding can’t be done in a day. It will take some time that only a skilled and passionate person could dog.

Professional cross-breeders spend most of their time in breed clubs, socializing puppies, and obedience classes, and if you feel like it, you also have time to do this. 

Yes, you can also be one of the excellent dog breeders.

3- Expensive:

Not only money crossbreeding will also cost you money because there is a professional cost attached to it.

During breeding, there is a massive cost of health tests, genetic screaming, veterinary checks, food, and bedding. A huge veterinary bill is waiting for you if anything goes wrong.

So, if you have time with money, it is no more disadvantage.

4- Sizing Problem:

The biggest problem you might have to face. It isn’t easy to approximate how big it will be and what will be the actual size of that newborn breed.

Sometimes you will also face delivery problems; what if the breed size is more significant than it takes in an emergency C section to give birth?

Yes, it’s not only costly but also risky.

Conclusion on Breeding Pros and Cons:

To wrap up this quick guide, we must say if you’re a beginner, altogether avoid it. And make sure to consult a responsible and safe dog breeder or stay in touch with them so that they would answer all of your concerns and would save you from future problems.

Well, we recommend not going for breeding as specific other options are also available where you can choose from. If you want to get the same breed just like you had lost, you can consult them from where you had called. You can also adopt a puppy who deserves to get care.

So, before breeding a dog, consider that certain other breeds are also available, and adoption is the best option at any cost.

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