My Dog Swallows Bully Stick | What to Do Now

My Dog Swallows Bully Stick | What to Do Now

All dogs love to chew; where you have a variety of choices available to choose a chew item, the most popular are bully sticks, and your dog will also love them. Giving it to your dog, he just swallows a bully stick in whole, and you get worried. Now, you landed up there to find a solution.

Well, bully sticks are safe for your dogs but should be used with some precautions. If your dog swallowed a small piece of a bully stick, you don’t need to worry, but the risk of choking or gastrointestinal blockage is always there.

So, let’s find out if your concerns are bully sticks safe for your dog, how much can be used, or how to use it safely.

What are Bully Sticks?

Before getting into it, you need to know what bully sticks are.

So, a simple bully stick is a once inch long chews stick available in different sizes or styles, but it is the most common and popular stick that dogs love to chew. It is often referred to by other names, commonly pizzle sticks or bull sticks, whatever you call him, but they are all identical.

The manufacturing process of these sticks may vary from company to company, but they are usually drained, backed, or air-dried; the main ingredients will remain the same in all bully pins.

Are Bully Sticks Bad for Dogs?

Bully sticks are okay. They are the good and the most popular source to chew, but under some circumstances, they could also turn bad. More often, the dosage of these sticks or swallowing is considered dangerous. However it’s made with digestible beef, but if followed with a large piece of it, on the whole, it could be hazardous.

So, for your ease, here we have stated some of the dangers of giving bully sticks to your furry friend.

1- Choking:

Choking happens when something is stuck in your dog’s airway, which is usually painful. It can occur due to any toy, treat, or food; it doesn’t necessarily depend on the pizzle sticks.

Let’s say you are giving a bully pin to your dog, but it is small enough to chew and gets stuck in your dog’s throat. Now, it will be the cause of choking. However, the bully pins don’t cause a problem incredibly if digestible, but the risk of choking would always be there. That’s why while cutting into small pieces, take the last bit away.

If your dog is drawling or struggling with the breath, pawing the mouth, or if you notice any of these symptoms, make sure to open his mouth and remove the pin with the help of your hand and get the stick away.

2- Allergic to beef:

The main ingredient in bully sticks is beef, and if your dog is allergic to it, we recommend not giving it as these sticks are made with meat; that’s why they are also high in proteins.

So, due to this factor, bully pins might be dangerous for your leg friend.

3- Internal blockage:

Only in some cases, but sometimes internal blockage could also happen. Signs of internal blockage include vomiting, loss of appetite, rapid breathing, diarrhea, or lip licking. Some of these symptoms could also occur due to the excessive use of it, but mainly if you notice any of these symptoms, chances are your dog had swallowed a bully stick.

In this situation, you need to consult the VET right away. He would diagnose it and would suggest the best solution instantly. This danger worsens because your dog might require surgical removal of pins from the VET.

4- Bacteria:

Sometimes the risk of bacteria in pizzle sticks is always there. However, it’s not a big problem and can be avoided by buying it from reputable resources.

Moreover, if your dog has a stronger stomach, he can bear it quickly, and you may not need to worry.

5- Miscellaneous:

These bully sticks are high in calories, so they should not be given to overweight dogs. You can expect to have 15 Kcal per inch, meaning a small stick has 100 calories in it. That’s why it is recommended to use in moderation or altogether avoid it if you like.

An ideal amount of pizzle sticks for any dog is 1-2 sticks in a week.

Is it Bad if My Dog Swallows a whole Bully Stick? Should I Worry?

Well, it entirely depends on how your dog is behaving. It’s recommended that if you suspect something unusual, you connect with the vet, and if it’s closed, you need to get connected with a nearby vet professional. He will let you know what you need to do.

If you notice that your dog is behaving okay or seems fine, then it’s okay. You don’t need to worry at all. In both situations, observe the choking in your dog closely, and if you notice it, immediately clear his airway.

My dog Swallows a Bully Stick | What Do Now:

Considering all these points mentioned above but still feeling stuck in the solution? And thinking of what else you can do if you swallow a bully stick.

First of all, you need to monitor the situation of your dog. Observe closely for at least 24 hours. If you notice any distress, vomiting, or diarrhea in your dog, make sure to call your VET immediately. He would examine your dog’s situation and suggest the best solution for it. Indeed, the vet would come up for a check, but it might be possible he would share the answer with you on call; if there is no serious cause.

What are the Alternative Bully Sticks?

If you don’t want to add bully sticks to your dog food, don’t worry. Plenty of alternatives are available that are also animal-based and much safer.

You can try chewing toys or treats, whatever you like or is on your budget. With that, you can also give some frozen carrots to your dog.

Bottom Line:

To end this discussion, bully sticks are suitable for all ages of dogs and also good for puppies. But, it would be best if you consult his vet before deciding or adding to his diet and here we recommend waiting until he becomes an adult.

In a nutshell, bully pins get digestible quickly; all you need to ensure is that they shouldn’t be stuck into his throat. If you notice that your dog swallows a bully stick, then don’t give them anymore and avoid it as it could end up choking it. In this case, trying other chew toys or materials is recommended.

Hope it added some value to yours; if you like, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get such exquisite information and to keep your dog healthy.

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