My Doodle Gets Matted | What To Do Know

My Doodle Gets Matted | What To Do Know

Doodle can gets matted, and it’s no more a secret now. And, if you are not taking care of your doodle correctly, by not considering it’s not that important. Trust me; you are creating a mess.

Even you can say the most matted fur any dog can have is doodle dogs.

You know what: Bugs or fleas would love to be in any matted fur of doodle, or even you can say it could be a perfect place for them to lay the eggs. And most importantly, they can lay 50 eggs a day.

Tell me one thing; do you still want to make this toxic mistake? Of course not, and we understand you care about your doodle friend. That’s why you are here.

So, stick till the end because we will discuss everything you need to know.

What is Matted Hair?

Are you among those who are always confused about what matted hair is? Well, no more worries as we are here to explain it.

  • It’s pretty simple to understand that if any large clump of hair gets tangled and knotted around itself, it will be considered matted fur. Isn’t it?

Let’s say you are petting your leg friend with your fingers and a will stuck into a hairball; you wonder what’s that. This is matted fur that can hurt a dog massively.

Good to know: a doodle with curly, fine, or double coats probably will suffer more with matted hair problems.

Does Doodle Get Matted?

Of course, doodles can get matted, and maybe it’s because doodles often need more grooming compared to any other dog breed. But they are still popular.

Most of the time, pet parents don’t love doodles as they need more frequent grooming. And taking a grooming session from a professional could be expensive.

Despite having these problems, most of the time, pet parents love to have a doodle friend, and there could be specific reasons for it.

Tell me, who doesn’t want to have a cute little friend in their life. Of course, you will love a doodle companion too.

My Doodle Gets Matted – What to Do Now:

Lots and lots of Boom!! Because we are going to discuss the most exquisite question: if your doodle gets matted, what you can do to get rid of it.

Precaution: if your dog is suffering from any matted fur issue, never try to bathe him. You will regret giving a bath as removing tangles will make it more difficult.

So, let’s discuss what else you can do to get rid of matted fur.

  • First of all, get the right tools in hand; for that, a metal comb, slicker brush, or pin brush could be the best.
  • Secondly, do frequent brushing of your dog on every part, especially the underneath, head, and tail area. For brushing, you can use a metal comb or your hands too.

We recommend starting combing with the tip of the hair and must avoid pulling during combing as it can irritate your dog. If you are doing this, it could be the worst experience for your dog.

  • Now it’s time to groom your doodle. Yes! You can also groom your doodle at home as it will be a great moment to make friends with your friend.

If you feel you can’t groom your pup at home, we recommend consulting a professional. Or, if your furry friend’s hairs are too much matted, we recommend shaving them.

Since we talk about trying shaving, there might be many concerns in your mind. To get answered, each of your doodle shaving concerns must read out our complete guide on it.

My doodle gets matted | what to do know

Why Preventing Your Doodle from Matting is a Must?

Since we are talking about the doodle matting issues, how can we forget to tell you why preventing your doodle from matting is a must.

So, are you excited to get to know them? Here we go…

  1. One of the biggest reasons to prevent matting is pain. The tight hair of your furry friend could be painful, and the removing process could be even worse. Sometimes your dog can get so irritated that even he can lick or chew those tangles that can hurt them more.  
  2. Also, the matted fur can create hygiene issues in your dog. For better understanding, imagine your dog fur matting around the sanitary area; what would happen? Of course, it could trap urine that can create a smell. Having a hygiene issue can make such a horrible smell that it even can fill up the entire grooming salon with that smell.
  3. Another critical reason to get rid of matted fur is that – matting leads to skin issues, including many bacterial infections.
  4. Also, the matting leads to allergy issues. Most likely, if your dog is not getting enough or regular brushing, he will be prone to it.

You know what; if you have a Goldendoodle dog, he would mostly face the worst issues of bacterial infection. Also, they are usually most prone to the matting issue.


Now it’s time to discuss some of the most important frequently asked questions of any doodle owner regarding matting.

So, without further ado, let’s start.

  • Why does doodle hair get matted?
  • What are the familiar places where doodles get matted?
  • Does matted hair hurt dogs?
  • What to do to prevent matting in the future?
  • How to know if my doodle gets matted?
Frequently asked questions

Why Does Doodle Hair Get Matted?

Of course, if your dog is not getting proper care, he will tend to mat.

This is something you can’t ignore, though. It’s primarily preventable, and if your doodle has the worst matting issue, try to give him a shave.

Good to know: Mostly, your doodle will get matted when a season is changed. Like most of the time, your dog will tend to mat when the season shifts from summer to winter or vice versa. This situation is commonly known as season shedding.

Does Matted Hair Hurt Dogs?

Of course, yes, it’s not only painful. It could be excruciating.

Though mattes can get more challenging and tighter, if they are left untreated, it can hurt them or even create many problems.

Familiar Places Where Doodle Dogs Get Matted:

Not only doodles, but any of the dog breeds can also get matted. But here are some frequent places where they get matted.

  • Behind the ears
  • Hip area
  • Sometimes the tail also gets matted
  • Sides just before the stomach

Your dog can also get matted from any other part, but most likely, these could be the frequent matted area or the most painful areas when it gets matted.

Tip: Try to remove them as soon as they appear. Maybe, sometimes you or your dog can also panic but don’t worry; using proper tools will make this daunting process more straightforward.  

What to Do to Prevent Matting in the Future?

Having this question proves that you care about your dog’s health. Right! You don’t want to make the same mistakes again and again.

So, let’s have some tips on preventing future matting in your dog.

  • Keep in mind giving a regular grooming schedule is not enough. Your furry friend will always be in need of proper maintenance and care.
  • Some people prefer short hair, and some prefer long. But I must say if you are busy and don’t have time to do proper care, go with a shorter haircut as the long hair will need more care and maintenance.
  • Brush your dog’s hair regularly.
  • Check high risks areas more frequently than discussed earlier.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to prevent future matting at any cost.

How to Know if My Doodle Gets Matted?

Being a new pet parent, you might be confused about how you would get to know if your doodle gets matted or not.

But in reality, it’s pretty simple…

  • All you need to do is take a brush and start combing. If you face any difficulty, definitely the fur is matted
  • Secondly, you can also use your fingers; if they are stuck somewhere in the skin, your dog’s coat is prone to matting.

To up-wrap:

To up-wrap the whole discussion, all I can say is…

A matted fur shows that your dog is not getting proper care; of course, this is something you don’t want to do intentionally. Being a lovely pet parent, you would never want to hurt them.


That’s why we recommend doing some proper care from the start. You and your dog will also love it as it will be a great bonding experience and less costly.

So, go ahead, dear pet parents!

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