Why Does My Dog Scratch My Bed Sheets?

Is your dog sleeping with you on your bed? Whatever your answer is, sometimes dogs can start stretching the bed. This could make a caring pet parent wonder why does my dog scratch my bed sheets?

People often consider it normal if the dog stretches the bed sheets, but somehow it’s not. There could be multiple reasons for it. And in today’s guide, we will discuss why your dog scratches bed sheets.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

Why Does My Dog Scratch My Bed Sheets?


One of the first reasons a dog can start stretching the bed sheets is because he is anxious. That’s why dogs often scratch the bed sheet to make them comfortable and let out the bad energy they are feeling. And for this, the perfect place for them is to scratch your bed sheet because they can smell you from there and can feel comfortable there. So, if you notice shaking, aggression, panting, and excessive barking or licking, your dog is more likely to be anxious.

Well, this is not a good reason, and being a caring pet parent, you should be worried about his mental health. So, what else can you do to protect your dog from scratching the bed sheet? First, you need to ensure that your dog is getting enough exercise daily. Moreover, you should also ensure that your dog is comfortable enough in the environment to reduce the scratching of the bed sheets by a dog.

Making it Territory:

Another reason dogs scratch the bed sheet is that they mark it as their Territory. Yes, this is another likely reason because dogs love to spend their time with human companions. More often, if you have more than one pet or dog in your home, your dog is more likely to stretch the bed sheets because they often feel that other pets should not steal their owner from them. As a result, they start scratching the bed sheet to mark it as their Territory.

More often, if your dog is attached to you, the chances of scratching the bed sheets would increase. To stop your dog from doing this, you should try to wash your bed sheet with a deodorizer. This is a very helpful technique to stop your dog from scratching the bed sheets in the future.

Getting Bored:

You will be surprised to know that if your dog is scratching the bed sheet, the other likely reason could be that your dog is getting bored and doing it just for fun. Yes, dogs of all ages can get bored, and their favorite hobby is doing something while getting bored. One of the easiest ways for them is to scratch the bed sheet.

It’s pretty simple to get rid of it. For example, if your dog is scratching the bed sheet just because he is getting bored, you have to offer them some toys or treats. This will help you to divert their attention. Moreover, you can also try it as a rewarding experience for them. Once they stop scratching the bed sheets and start playing with the toys, you can offer them treats and appreciate them.

Seeking Comfort:

Yes, there is no wonder to know if your dog is scratching the bed sheet; he is more likely to seek comfort. When dogs start sleeping, they often scratch the area to make it comfortable. Suppose your dog gets back home after playing and now wants to take some rest. He just jumped over the bed and started scratching the bed to make the sleeping space comfortable.

If your dog is doing this, all you can do is put an old blanket over the bed sheet. When the dog scratches the bed sheet, it wouldn’t damage the inner bed sheet, and your dog will also find comfort.

Wants to Play:

Sometimes, dogs scratch the bed sheet because they feel playful at that time. Most dog breeds have a playful nature and need proper time for it. If the dog is not getting his desired amount of time to play, the dog is more likely to scratch the bed sheets and fulfill his desire.

So, all you need to do is offer them a healthy amount of exercise and play with them. An appropriate play time could resolve this issue.

Maternal Nesting:

If you have a female dog, maternal nesting is common, especially if your dog is expecting the babies for the first time, then there are more chances that your dog will scratch the sheets. It doesn’t matter where they are in maternal nesting, on the bed, couch, or anything else. If your female dog is comfortable at that place, she will scratch it.

Unfortunately, there is no way to stop it, but the good news is once your female dog gets birth to his first litter; she will automatically stop to scratch the sheets.


The cat is one of the most curious creatures, but dogs can also get curious. Dogs love to investigate or explore what’s under the bed, under the comfy covers or cushions. This curiosity will lead dogs towards scratching bed sheets. This is the most common reason we often find in many dogs. But the good news is that your dog can stop it with a little effort. All you have to do is to offer them some toys and try to divert their attention. But, sometimes, dogs can get crazy into it and won’t listen to any of your advice.

The Bottom Line: Why Does My Dog Scratch My Bed Sheets?

So, we have stated some of the most common reasons we have noticed in our dogs. We also stated the solution with each reason. You must analyze your dog’s condition, consider what he is going through, and treat it accordingly.

Today’s quick guide for why my dog scratches my bed sheets was helpful. If there is anything on which you want us to write, comment below.

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