Labradoodle Colors

Labradoodle Colors – Variety From Rare to Standard

Doodles are friendly and faithful breeds, but Labradoodles are most popular because of their cuteness and beautiful color. 

Different varieties of colors enhance the quality of the labradoodle to make sure of its choice. Some are rarer in their array of colors, where the variation in colors results from genetics. This specific variety increases their demand for high prices as well. Labradoodle colors are found in a variety of variants. Here, we will divide labradoodle colors in respect of different types.

Good to know: It’s the kind of designer dog created in 1989. Wally Conron created this breed with a blend of Labrador Retriever and Poodle, whereas lovely curls were inherited from Poodle’s parents. Every new puppy differs in size, color and personality. A puppy can be born with a particular color, but this does not confirm that his coat will last the same color into adulthood. These are also suitable for those who have allergies to the fur of any breed. They like sun shedding and loving nature. 

The Most Common Labradoodle Color:

Here are the most common, less costly or less priced labradoodle colours. 

1- Black Labradoodle: 

A black labradoodle is one of the most common breeds of a labradoodle. It has an entirely black color with black or brown eyes and a black nose. This breed of Labradoodles is prevalent, generally producing one per litter. Black Labradoodles cost an average price for this breed of dog. 

2- Gold Labradoodle: 

They have black and brown eyes and a black nose. These are moderately darker than cream Labradoodles and lighter than the expensive red Labradoodles. 

Gold Labradoodles remain the same color throughout life, but their color fades away or gets darker as they grow older. This color of labradoodle is also known as ‘Apricot Color’. 

3- Cream Labradoodle: 

They have black and brown eyes and a nose. They are moderately darker than white color and lighter than gold Labradoodles. 

Most importantly, the cream coat reflects the same tone across his body but has slightly darker shades or red tinges around its features. This is also called ‘Caramel Cream’ because of his brown nose. 

The Standard Labradoodle Color:

They are not as common as the colors mentioned above, but these labradoodle colors are much more common than the rare ones. Moreover, these colors are also expensive on average. 

1- White Labradoodle 

They have black and brown eyes and a nose. Chalk white labradoodle colors are darker than natural white color. The chalk white is also similar to off white color. 

They have no exact white color if it is compared to white color. They remain the same till their adulthood. White or light-coloured Labradoodles suffer from tear staining. 

2- Brown Labradoodle

They have brown and blue eyes and brown noses. It is lighter than a chocolate brown labradoodle. 

They have darker colors at birth, but by time lightening in their color as they grow because their coat color turns to lighter blue or grey when they are older. This breed of brown color is costly with blue eyes as compared to brown eye colors.


3- Chocolate Labradoodle

They have blue and brown eyes and brown noses. The chocolate labradoodle is a famous choice as far as its color is concerned. At the time of birth, they appear black; after that, with time, it settles with their actual brown color. 

Labradoodle breed with chocolate color is costly because it has blue eyes and the charming chocolate color looks. 

4- Parchment Labradoodle

They have brown eyes and brown noses. Parchment is like a light milky cream coffee color. 

The whole body color coat is the same. At times hair is darker near facial features and lighter at the tips of the hair, this type of hair color appears in two tinge looks. Adult dogs seem to be dark or smoky cream mistakenly from a distance. 

5- Parti Color Labradoodle

They have brown and blue eyes, and nose color could be similar to their coat colors. Their base coat color is white or apricot with black, red and brown patches. Sometimes, blue and silver colors are also found in Parti Color Labradoodles. 

The Rare Labradoodle Color:

As far as their name is concerned, this type of labradoodle is less common than the breeds mentioned above are readily available. This is optional if both parents have the same color, it would be rare that their whole litter has the same desired color. 

One thing is more impressive; breeders charge high prices to ensure that a breed of rare parents will give unique colors if they sell pairs. Some unrecognized breeders intimate siblings to find different colors, but this is not justified; it lessens genetic growth and causes health issues. 

1- Red Color Labradoodle

They have black and brown eyes and a black nose. The red labradoodle is the rarest one. The red labradoodle is rare in its cuteness or loveliness as it resembles a teddy bear or stuffed toy. 

This type is darker than apricot and gold color labradoodle. The red labradoodle is similar to the ‘Red Irish Setter’. Its coat color is red from the base to the tip of the hair. 

This breed is so expensive as its parents, red poodles and red labradors called ‘Fox Red Labradors’ are both rare breeds. Red Labradoodle is hard to breed or even harder to gain. 

2- Phantom Labradoodle

They have blue or brown eyes and black or brown noses. This breed has one base color, and another appears in patches above the sides of the nose, jaw, eyes, chin and around its chest. 

The phantom labradoodle has various combinations like cream and brown, silver and brown or cream and black. They have a distinctive pattern of colors. A gold and black phantom labradoodle is most common in rarer Labradoodles. Sometimes, Phantom Labradoodle has three various color combinations of shades. 

3- Abstract Labradoodle 

They have black, brown or blue eyes and black or brown noses. Abstract labradoodle is lessened from fifty per cent white colour, with another solid color. Otherwise, this type will be considered a parti-color labradoodle. 

This breed is based on any color combination. An abstract color labradoodle has no specific exact color contrast. Abstract Labradoodles are rarer in the array of Labradoodles.

4- Sable Labradoodle 

They have black or brown eyes and brown noses. Sable Labradoodles are rarer labradoodles. Sable has a black and chocolate brown color by birth, but over time, it turns to cream, red, apricot and white as it ages, but some parts of its body stay the same. 

The base of its hair is cream, red, apricot or white, but at its tips, brown or black. The multi shades of its hair get prominent when hair grows to one inch long. 

What is the Best Labradoodle Color? 

The best coloring choice is a matter of perception and liking. Our choices depend on our favorite hue. Any of you will choose the color according to your preferences and tastes and, more obviously, with price tags. 

We all have our favorite colors, so there are some essential things we must consider.

  • First, for the color selection of Labradoodles, do not choose based on matching with your best or most expensive outfit but make the best selection based on the best match with you and your family.
  • It is vital to look beyond the selection of coat color. 
  • The help of a recognized breeder should make the selection of the best labradoodle as the best match with your lifestyle. For example, even if you are reluctant to choose your best coat color or are not active in society. He will guide you in situations where the puppy is not much more energetic to stay outside and tell you which coat color is best for you. 
  • It is also necessary while you are stuck on one specific coat color. It may have a shorter life span. For instance, a recent study has proved that chocolate-coloured Labradoodles have a lower life span than other golden and black siblings. They have a higher rate of ear and skin problems. Similarly, white colored and light thin shades of color labradoodle are also considered to have health issues. For instance, white dogs have an increased possibility of blindness and deafness compared to other colors. 

This reality could not deny that labradoodle colors have so much variety, but if you make a selection under the supervision of a recognized breeder. He will help you ensure which breed is suitable for your lifestyle and free from severe early stages of health issues. The range of labradoodle coats varies, whereas the matter is which puppy you pick for you, which makes a lovely and friendly long life with you.

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